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Version 2.4.0


  • Introducing the Countdown block that will help you generate hype and create a sense of urgency among your audience, during product sales or releases!
  • Introducing the Icon block that allows you to add FontAwesome 6 icons on your website with tonnes of styling options.


  • Image Gallery – Added a new lightbox feature with all the essential customizability that you’ll need.


  • Performance – Optimized the editor performance for all Spectra Blocks.
  • Performance – Improved the archive page speed.
  • Image Gallery – Added a dropdown to select the image size for all the images in the gallery.
  • Custom CSS – Disabled the option for “on page-level CSS”.
  • Typography – Added Fahkwang and Jost Google Fonts in Font Families.
  • Typography – Added Zen dots Google font in Font Families.
  • Display Conditions – Added a “Day” option to display Spectra blocks on specific days.


  • Container – Resolved the full-width issue when adding a Container block inside the Slider block.
  • Container – Resolved an issue where the content was misaligned vertically when the background type was set to “video”.
  • Image – Resolve an issue that was encountered when the Gutenberg plugin was activated.
  • Image – Updated the image dimensions width & height box as per the Spectra UI guidelines.
  • Buttons – Fixed the stack orientation and responsive alignment settings not working as expected on the front end.
  • Info Box – Resolved an issue where the icon was misaligned on tablet/mobile when padding was added.
  • Info Box – Updated the CTA hover styling on the front end.
  • Call To Action – Resolved an issue where the additional button’s icon color was not changing on hover in the front end.
  • Forms- Resolved an issue where the form submit throws a success message without adding the “To” email address field.
  • Forms/Tabs/Table Of Contents – Resolved an issue where the JS throws an error in the console on blog/home page.
  • Post Timeline – Resolved an issue where the left padding was not applicable on the front end.
  • Team – Resolved an issue where images were not working as expected on responsive device presets.
  • Display Conditions – Fixed the undefined key/index when the Operating System is set to none.
  • Responsive Conditions – Updated slanted lines visibility for Counter and Slider Blocks.
  • Responsive Conditions – Slanted lines not visible for Post timeline and Content timeline Blocks.
  • Global – Updated Border Settings to remove all Border CSS when set to “default”.
  • Global – Excluded BR Tags from buttons’ text.
  • Global – Cartflows templates throw an error in the editor’s Spectra Page Settings.
  • Global – Fonts were not loading on the 404 page when Spectra blocks were used in the Astra theme’s header/footer.

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