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Block Editor 

Spectra blocks give an ultimate page-building experience with advanced functionalities you’ll need to design stunning websites with the WordPress block editor.

28 Creative & Unique Blocks

Get a plethora of creative page building blocks and several options to design stunning websites quickly.

No Coding Required

Why learn to code? With Spectra you can build fully custom websites using a beautiful drag-and-drop editor.

Lightweight & High Performance

Every block you add is optimized for high performance so your website loads at a lightning speed.


No Extra Bloat, Complete Design Freedom

Flexible Site Layouts

Flexbox Containers

Forget rows and columns. Flexbox lets you resize and restructure all the elements exactly the way you like, without restricting your design to a grid or table. Creating fully custom websites has never been easier than this!

Build Professional Websites Easily

42+ Presets

Want to make your site more professional? Just browse through our preset block templates library and import what you like with a single click. Then, edit the content and colors to fit your branding and your website is ready to go!

Edit Everything On the Page

Customizable Styles

Don’t leave a single stone unturned. You can customize every block to look exactly the way you want it to. Simply select a block and begin editing the settings to match your brand or personal styles easily. No code whatsoever!

All The Design Blocks You Need

A growing library of diverse design blocks you need to create your website exactly the way you want.




Slider Block

Image Gallery



Icon List

Price List


Post Grid

Post Carousel

Post Timeline


Table of Contents

Star Ratings

Call To Action


How To



Google Map

Inline Notice


Taxonomy List

Marketing Button

Content Timeline


Lottie Animation



Info Box

Responsive Conditions

Masonry Gallery

Display Conditions

100+ Expert-designed Templates

Forget Designing From Scratch

Our ever-growing library of premade website templates lets you have an impressive design within a few seconds. Find a template you like, import it and begin editing to suit your brand. It’s that easy!

Templates showcase

An All-New Web Designing Experience!

Super-fast Load Times

Spectra blocks are fully-optimized for performance. Everything you build with Spectra is lean and offers performance that’s very close to hand-coding your website from scratch!