FAQ Block With Inbuilt Schema Support

Add the most commonly asked questions and answers easily in a creative way. This automatically implements the required FAQ schema that can boost your website position in search rankings.

Serve Answers for User’s Common Queries

Don’t make users struggle to find answers to their basic inquiries. Create a nice FAQ page that will clear all the doubts they might have about your product or service. 

Adding the FAQ section on the purchase page will help clear last-minute queries and help boost sales. This will also reduce the load on the customer support team.

Create an FAQ Section in Minutes

Creating an FAQ section manually can be a time-consuming task. You will need to manually add a block for heading and description that can be displayed as a question and answer. 

FAQ – Schema block offers ready-to-use boxes where you can put questions and answers. Your FAQ section can go live in minutes.

Display Attractive FAQs With Prebuilt Layouts 

The FAQ – Schema block offers two prebuilt layouts, viz. Accordion and Grid. You get to choose the layout that matches the requirements of your website.


Grid Layout

Design FAQs to Match Your Website Design Theme

You can completely customize the FAQ section with color, typography, border, and spacing options.

You can highlight the question and answer boxes with different colors and borders.

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