Increase User Engagement With Attractive Lottie Animations

Animations can help you add wow effect to your web pages and make users stay longer on website. You can now add Lottie animations to your Gutenberg pages easily.


Convey More With Beautiful Animations

Animations can increase usability and improve the design of your web pages. They make a great impression on visitors and help you to convey your message strongly.

With Spectra Lottie block, you can add Lottie animations easily to Gutenberg pages. 


Set Customised Triggers for Lottie

Choose to trigger an animation as per your website design.  Set it to play continuously or start it when the user clicks/hovers it or scroll till the viewport.


Manage Animation Flow Easily

Add Lottie animation and control it with advanced options. Manage its speed as required.

You can even reverse the animation. This way animation will play in the backward direction.


Upload Animations From Feasible Source

You can upload a self-designed animation file with Spectra block. If you don’t have your own file you can choose from a range of pre-made animation files and just enter URL.

Style Lottie Animations Easily! 

Once you add Lottie animation to your web page, you can customize it to fit your web page design.

Set Height

Set Width

Set Background Color 

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