Display Content Categorization with Style!

Quickly build and design templates, lists of posts, and customizable searches with Spectra Blocks – no coding required.

Showcase Related Content with Taxonomies 

Pick up any post type and display taxonomies for it. It helps readers to navigate to related content. You can display a group of taxonomies anywhere on the page easily with the taxonomy List block. 

Choose From Inbuilt Layouts 

The block offers inbuilt layouts to display taxonomies – Grid and List. You can choose the best that suits your website design and customize it fully.

Child-Parent Hierarchy Representation

Manage to display proper hierarchy for taxonomies. This helps users to guide through content categorization. Readers can pick the exact category they are interested in and start exploring. 

Advanced Controls

Take control of each element of the block with advanced options. 

Show Empty Taxonomy

Choose whether to display empty taxonomies or not. 

Show Posts Count

Display available count in each taxonomy. 

Customize Total Look of Taxonomy Box 

Set colors to each part of the block to make it look attractive. Manage spacing and border style. Set typ[ography to match website style. 

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