Visual Builder For
Complete Design Control

Enabling Anyone to Build Websites Without Coding

No Coding Required

Build websites that are as good as hand-coded without actually writing a single line of code.

Powerful Blocks

All the blocks you need to create websites with any combination of functionality and features.

Complete Design Control

Full control over how you want your website to look by customizing each and every aspect.

Building Websites is As
Easy As Building Blocks!

Spectra’s advanced features in an easy interface help you build all kinds of websites in no time.


Flexible & Easy Container Layouts

The rows and columns are so old school! Explore the modern and easy website building experience with Flexbox containers. Building professional websites has never been this easy.


Get Ready Styles with Complete Design Control

Pull in pre-designed blocks that come with complete styling. You can further customize them quickly to match the rest of your website without any hassles. Save hours of design work.

Copy and Paste Style

Replicate Designs and Save Time

Save time building websites by replicating block styles using the copy-paste feature. It lets you maintain design consistency across your website without extra manual efforts.

The Spectra single-handedly helped me remove bloated page-builders from many websites I run. The rich features available for every block makes just about anything possible. The section block is a must-use and gives you the ability to do so much cool stuff with your website!


Building Websites is As
Easy As Building Blocks!

33+ Unique & Creative Blocks

To Build Spectacular Websites Easily!

With an ever-increasing library of powerful blocks, you have everything you need to create and customize websites however you like.

100+ Templates Library

Forget Designing Websites from Scratch

With a huge and growing library of website templates, you will never have to design websites from scratch again. Just select the right template for your niche and customize it with ease.

Optimized to Offer Best Performance

Clean Code Output

Spectra is built with clean code that follows the highest coding standards. This helps you create lightweight websites with quick loading times.

Fast Editor Performance

Spectra works seamlessly with the native WordPress editor with no extra code. This makes it load faster to speed up the website design process.

Responsive Layouts

The container system allows you to create responsive layouts by default. No longer worry about how your website will look on different screen sizes.

Build Ultra High performance
Websites, Without Coding

Whether you are a beginner, marketer, or professional, Spectra has the
tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

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