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Version 2.0.13


  • Icon List – Bold/Italic style tag visible in an aria-label attribute.
  • Icon List – Text Alignment is not working properly on the front end.
  • Form – Backward Compatibility Stylings Issue on the editor.
  • Advanced Column – Paragraph block wrapping with the image when image size and position are changed.
  • Advanced Column – Image was not getting aligned center on the front and the editor.
  • Call To Action – Button CSS conflicts with the Newspaper theme.
  • Customizer was frozen when theme blog settings were changed.
  • Review Schema – Star ratings do not reflect on the front end like the editor when multiple review blocks are used.
  • Review Schema – Stars appear left in the editor and right on the front end when clicked.
  • Table of Contents – Adding uagb-toc-hide-heading class to exclude heading from TOC list not working on front-end.
  • Container – Z-index was not applied on the front end.
  • FAQ – Throwing an undefined style issue in the console when an HTML anchor is used.
  • Info Box – Removed default image width for new users while maintaining a default width of 120px for old users only.

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