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Version 2.1.0


  • Introducing the Counter block with layouts that will help you flaunt your stats in a cool way!
  • Introducing the Image Gallery block with extensive customizability, as well as the all-new perfectly-tiled layout!
  • Introducing the ability to add custom CSS directly at the page level!


  • Heading – Added sub-heading and separator position settings.
  • FAQ – Added background size, background color and border stylings for the toggle icon.
  • Post Grid – Added a setting to show buttons on equal height.
  • Post Grid – Added a setting to toggle image aspect ratio.
  • Post Grid – Added an equal height option for featured images.
  • Matrix Alignment Control – Added the new Matrix Alignment Control to match the Spectra UI.
  • Number Control – Added the new Number Control to match the Spectra UI.
  • Global – Updated Block Previews for All Spectra Blocks in the Editor.
  • Code – Added Automatic Block Prioritization and Organization.


  • Forms – Added email address labels.
  • Icon List – Resolved an issue in which the links were getting disabled for icon list children.
  • Marketing Button – Resolved an issue where setting the background type as transparent or gradient results in the block encountering an issue.
  • Post Carousel – Resolved an issue where the block breaks on the front end when a background image is set.
  • Post Grid – Resolved an issue where enabling the show taxonomy toggle did not show taxonomy on the posts in the editor.
  • Responsive Border Control – Resolved an issue where buttons from multiple blocks were not inheriting the theme’s style.
  • Responsive Border Control – Repositioned the misaligned reset control button in all border settings.
  • Responsive Border Control – Resolved an issue where the border stylings do not work as expected for responsive devices.
  • Select Control – Adjusted this control to properly align with other setting controls.
  • Text Control – Changed the default label.
  • Global – Resolved an issue where the hover stylings of buttons in multiple blocks were not working in the editor.

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