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Version 2.2.0


  • Introducing the Modal block that will help you to show your own customized popups on the page and turn your visitors into subscribers and leads!


  • Global – Added hover color accessibility to the Spectra block with a button.
  • Counter – Bar Layout – Added toggle to flip/swap the positions of the bar and title.


  • Container – Resolved the issue where the list items overflow inside a Container on responsive devices.
  • Image – Resolved the issue where the alignments are ineffective inside a Container on the front end.
  • Buttons – Page scroll to the top when the hash link is added and refresh on click when the hash is removed.
  • Post Grid – Equal Height is not functional in the Post Grid block.
  • Tabs – Removed the WP default Link option from the toolbar for the tabs title field.
  • Testimonial – Block break when we reduce the number of testimonials to 2.
  • Block Transform – The theme pallet color for the default theme does not carry forward when block transform.
  • Global: Typography – Resolved Google font console errors.

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