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Version 2.3.0


  • Introducing the Slider block that allows you to make almost anything into a carousel, a good way to grab attention!


  • Added support for Astra’s 4.0 theme menu position next to the Dashboard in admin.


  • Container – Adding padding to paragraph cause uneven space and cross the boundary of container on responsive devices.
  • Container – Background video goes out the boundary of the container if we have rounded corner.
  • Image Gallery – When adding any of the HTML code or adding the link, the visibility of that caption gets changed to always visible
  • Image Gallery – Broken links were shown in the gallery on frontend when added to caption.
  • Icon List – Disable link for the list item, it turns on the toggle again.
  • Testimonial – Carousel dots overlapping on below blocks in the mobile device.
  • Post Grid – Undefined array key issue.
  • How-To – Image is not visible when image selected from Image control.
  • Image – Does not wrap with paragraph.
  • Tabs – Container get hidden inside tabs body whenever use.
  • Global – Buttons – Removed the WP default allowedFormats from the toolbar.
  • Global – SVG Icons for blocks look big after switching to responsive devices inside the editor.
  • Deprecated: Global – Removed deprecated toolbar and multiline for rich text.

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