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Spectra – Responsive Conditions

Introducing Spectra Responsive Conditions Options

Hide & Display Content Using Spectra\’s New Display Conditions

You can find a new set of condition options for Spectra that allow you to hide & display Content.

Purpose of Spectra Responsive Conditions

Users engage with your website differently on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. So you may sometimes want to show or hide content on your website to these specific users. If you want to hide certain blocks when a visitor is viewing on those devices, you can easily do so with the built-in settings in the Spectra. All you need to do is use the toggle option and choose which devices to hide.

You may also find this helpful if you have a block that you want to disable temporarily but don’t want to delete. Just disable the content on all three screen sizes and enable it again when ready.

Where to find the Responsive Conditions Option?

Spectra has created an option to enable or disable the Responsive Conditions options in the admin panel. You can enable or disable the setting by navigating to Settings > Spectra > Blocks > Responsive Conditions.

Responsive condition settings

How do you hide a Block on a Desktop, mobile or tablet?

Once you enable the option in the Spectra admin panel, then only you will be able to see these Responsive Conditions Options under Advanced settings. 

Responsive condition option
  • Select the block you want to hide on any device.
  • Click the three dots options icon, and then \’Show more settings\’.
  • Then, a block will appear in the side panel.
  • Click the other settings icon.
  • Under, Responsive conditions, you will find Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile options.
  • Choose whether to hide it on your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.
  • Enable the toggle for the device you want to hide
  • Once you make the changes, click the update/ publish button.

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