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Spectra Pro Dynamic Content Extension

Introducing the highly anticipated Dynamic Content Extension, the latest addition to the Spectra Pro plugin family. This powerful extension takes your website customization to a whole new level, allowing you to effortlessly create dynamic and personalized experiences for your visitors.

Enhance your website’s features and engage your visitors using the Dynamic Content Extension for the Spectra Pro plugin. Discover the limitless possibilities it offers and unlock the full potential of your WordPress website right away.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with supported spectra blocks
  • Easy-to-use interface for adding and managing dynamic content
  • Wide range of dynamic content options, including post/page titles, dates, author information, comments, and more
  • Dynamic link types to easily navigate users to relevant pages or sections
  • Integration with post meta, term meta, and author meta for comprehensive customization
  • Dynamic background options utilizing featured images or custom field values for image and container blocks

How to use Dynamic Content?

Once you install and activate the Spectra Pro plugin, you will be able to access the Dynamic Content feature.

Step 1: Go to Spectra Dashboard => Blocks / Extensions => Pro => Find Dynamic Content settings. Check whether the toggle button is enabled or not. If not enabled, enable it and then click Settings tab => Editor Options => Dynamic Content settings. Here you can choose how you want to display dynamic content settings. (Dynamic Content have two option for settings i.e., popup and sidebar)

How to use Dynamic Content?

Step 2: Go to Page/Post and drag and drop the spectra Heading or Image Block.

Step 3: If you dropped the heading block and then select any text by mouse click after selecting the text then you can see the toolbar has a dynamic content icon. Click on that icon.

How to use Dynamic Content?

Step 4: Now Dynamic content settings will be seen. It will be open as popup or block settings (based on the spectra dashboard dynamic content settings option, that you did in step 1)

Step 5: Inside dynamic content popup/block settings you can choose the data source and then choose custom fields.

Step 6: After setting all fields click on the apply button. Then the dynamic content will be appended. Like that, you can add dynamic content/ remove dynamic content for any type of block.

Step 8: We also have the option to add a dynamic image for our core spectra block. Go to the image upload panel => and then you can see the dynamic content icon => after clicking on that you can see the same dynamic content settings.

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