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    Wireframe Blocks

    Wireframing the structure of any website before beginning the design process is very important. It increases work efficiency, makes the workflow more effortless, and helps you get the final website design ready in less time. Now you can create your page or website mockup faster than ever with Spectra Wireframe Blocks. This document will help …

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    Star Rating

    Star ratings are one of the important factors that help to build trust for your brand. It is a great social proof that can attract users to your products and services. Star Rating block allows you to display star ratings anywhere on your Gutenberg pages. You can add title and star ratings with your favourite …

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    Forms Block

    The Spectra introduces the Forms block. You do not have to depend on any Contact Forms plugin, just insert the block, select the Variations, style the same, and you are ready to get more leads or requests from the users. Key Features – General Settings Style You can manage the complete styling of the block, …

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    Tabs Block

    Tabs block one of the most requested features is being introduced in v1.21.0 and above. With tons of customizations, styling and layout options that help creates Tabs in just a few clicks. Let’s dive in and take a look at some features – Key Features – Apply different Vertical layout styles and Horizontal Layout styles. …

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    Taxonomy List

    The Taxonomy List block introduced in v1.18.0 allows inserting taxonomies anywhere on your website based on the post type you are currently on. Following is a live example of how the Taxonomy List would look like — Grid Layout List Layout Let’s dive further to see the range of options and how to use the …

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    This block will help you insert some cool Lottie Animations to your pages in just a few clicks. For which you do not have to worry a lot. Simply you need to insert the JSON file or choose to use the URL of the JSON file to insert the Lottie animation to your desired Block …

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    Review Schema

    This block will help you insert schema to your reviews to your pages in just a few clicks. With pre-designed structure for your reviews, this will ensure faster review addition. And on top of that you can enable Schema by just using a click of a button. Key features — Here’s the Review Snippet article …

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    WP – Search

    This block lets you add the WordPress search field on the page. This will help users to search for the required information easily. You can customize and color up the search field. Key Features – General Layout – Classic / Minimal – Classic layout will display search button beside the search bar while Minimal will …

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    Inline Notice

    Inline Notice block is a simple block that helps you to highlight important notes. Its ready-to-use box lets you add text quickly. You can completely customize the look with inbuilt layouts, colors, and typography options. Key features – General Settings Layout: There are two options to design the layout. Alignment: You can align the Notice …

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    How-to Schema

    How-to Schema block allows you to design attractive How-to pages or articles where you can describe procedures or steps to achieve certain goals. The best thing is this block will automatically add How-to Schema to your page that can boost ranking in search results. Key Features – Readymade structure to add step-by-step instructions Add image …

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