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Star Rating

Star ratings are one of the important factors that help to build trust for your brand. It is a great social proof that can attract users to your products and services.

Star Rating block allows you to display star ratings anywhere on your Gutenberg pages.

Star Rating

You can add title and star ratings with your favourite colors and typography.

Here are all settings Star Ratings offers –

General Settings

Star Rating

Enable Title: You can enable or disable title depending on your requirement

Range: 1-5 or 1-10: Choose to display 5-star ratings or 10-star ratings.

Rating: Choose a rating you want to display. For example – if you want to show 4 stars, set a number as 4.

Layout: Inline/Stack: Manage the layout for title and star ratings.

Star Position: Manage the star position before or after the title.

Alignment: left/center/right: Manage the overall alignment of the title and star ratings.

Style Options

Style Options


  • Marked and Unmarked Stars: You can choose the color of the filled stars and empty stars.
  • Size: Choose the size of the star.
  • Gap between the Stars: You can set the gap between the stars.

Title: Choose the typography and color for the title text. Manage the spacing between title and star ratings.

Spacing: Choose the padding and margin for the star rating block.

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